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Oudaya In Rabat

About fifteen minutes (on foot) from the center of the city of Rabat, at the left mouth of the Bouregreg stands a real fortress dating from the 12th century: the Qasbah of the Oudayas.
With its monumental Almohad door, the kasbah remains a striking site offering visitors unprecedented beauty. It encompasses an Andalusian-style garden, a museum, riyads and ancient mosques. . The Andalusian influence is omnipresent: the walls uniformly covered with lime, the dominant blue color, the well-maintained and paved alleys, the massive doors in multiple colors, the wrought iron…

The Qasbah of the Oudayas, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, has become for many artists from Morocco and around the world, a haven of peace and inspiration. Visitors are seduced as much by the beauty of the site as by its soothing tranquility. The great attraction of the kasbah is undoubtedly its famous Moorish Café which can be reached by taking the meanders of the alleys. A must-see place where visitors can sip a succulent mint tea while tasting delicious almond cakes.

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